NASA Human Exploration Series

For any science center or museum looking to delve deeper into their space content, NASA is launching a year-long series of monthly topics that discuss pushing humans’ boundaries in space. The goal is to share information, content, and materials you can implement into your institution’s programs and exhibits. At least two months before each topic, resources will be organized and collected so that institutions can review and prepare.

The 2018 Exploration Topics:

  • January – Living and Working on the ISS:  Preparing for Deep Space
  • February – A Year of Education on the ISS
  • March – Heroes in Space Exploration
  • April – Deep Space Exploration System:  Orion Spacecraft
  • May – Deep Space Exploration System:  Space Launch System
  • June – Deep Space Exploration System:  Exploration Ground Systems
  • July – Celebrating 60 Years of NASA
  • August – Together We Go Farther: Partnerships
  • September – Together We Go Farther: Mars Generation
  • October – Humans to Mars: Mission Prep
  • November – Humans to Mars: Traveling to the Red Planet
  • December – Humans to Mars: Mars Orbit and Surface Operations

For Museum Alliance Members, there will be a December 12th teleconference that explains details and resources. Get your free membership to Museum Alliance here.

How does your institution discuss humans in space? Think about sharing information that relates to the future of human space travel.

For more information about this year-long series, visit:

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