Frankenstein 200

A fantastic crossover between literature, science, and philosophy, the Frankenstein200 kit celebrates the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein by connecting human creativity with the ethics and responsibility that Dr. Victor Frankenstein overlooked while creating his “monster.” Geared toward informal learning settings for audiences of families with children, the kit includes seven hands-on activities, professional development and training information, and promotional and marketing materials.

For those institutions unable to get a boxed kit, a digital link is available through the NISE Network.

In coordination with the boxed kits, arriving at the end of 2017 is an online alternate reality game that settles players into the story of the Laboratory for Innovation and Fantastic Explorations (or L.I.F.E.), run by Dr. Tori Frankenstein, the ancestor of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Fully immersed in the L.I.F.E Lab tale, players must navigate the issues that might crop up if Dr. Tori were to continue Victor’s work.

Try your hand at encouraging ethical scientific experimentation by creating your own program. What resources would you use to engage visitors and share the “horror” of unethical work?

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