Fidget Spinner Physics Holder Design

Directions on how to make the fidget spinner holder featured in our “Fidget Spinner Physics” video.


Printed Parts

1 x FSH_Base

1 x FSH_Bottom_Holder

1 x FSH_Base_Mount

1 x FSH_Nut_Block

FSH = Fidget Spinner Holder

 Download 3D printing file for the Fidget Spinner Holder here.


2 x 1/4 -20 @ 0.75”

1 x 5/16-18 @ 2”


2 x 5/16-18


4 x #8 @ 0.5”

Wooden Block

3/4” thick x 3” x 4”


  1. Mount the base to a small block of wood using the #6 screws and the holes in the FSH_Base_Mount or by using several strips of double stick tape.

  2. Insert the FSH_Bottom_Holder into one side of the FSH_Base with the rod pointing to the inside of the C shape.

  3. Insert the FSH_Nut_Block into the opposite side of the FSH_Base. Orientation does not matter as this part is symmetrical

  4. Insert the two 1/4”-20 bolts into the two smaller holes on the FSH_Base with the hexagonal head of the bolt facing outward.

    1. Note: An Awl or Philips head screw driver many be needed to help align the holes of between the base and the insert as it is a right fit.

  5. Insert the 5/16”-18 nut into the hole on the front side of the FSH_Nut_Block

  6. Thread the second  5/16”-18 nut onto the 5/16”-18 bolt then thread the bolt into the nut that is now captive inside of the FSH_Nut_Block

    1. The upper 5/16”-18  nut can be threaded down to help tighten or loosen the grip on a Fidget Spinner

  7. The FSH_Base can then be placed into the FSH_Base_Mount and using double stick tape, can be adhered into the mount.

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