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The Science Beyond the Boundaries network is partnering with Pixel Press — a technology company focused on building engaging gaming experiences for the whole brain — to bring Bloxels to your museum!


What is Bloxels? 
Bloxels is a hands-on platform for kids to build, collaborate, and tell stories through video game creation. See more here:

What is the educational value of Bloxels?
Bloxels uniquely unlocks kids’ innate creativity by leveraging something they love: video games. Kids can play fun games and channel their creative potential as they gain greater understanding of important topics like design logic, and computer science and demonstrate their knowledge of history, science and mathematics and more through the games they create. See more about Bloxels in education settings at Bloxels EDU.

How does Bloxels fit into my museum?
This is for you to determine! Sign up below and we will ship a Bloxels set and museum contest instructions to you. Try out Bloxels in your museum, create an educational program or curriculum that uses Bloxels, and you will have a chance to win a Bloxels classroom set and game jam at your museum!

How will education program entries be judged?
A team of judges, consisting of both education and technology experts, will review program/curriculum submissions. Stay tuned for more information on our judges!

What is a game jam?
A game jam is an event where game developers gather to rapidly create and share games with one another. You can see past examples of Bloxels game jams here. Bloxels will work with the winning museum to develop a game jam event that fits your institution!

Below are bios for the contest judges.

Karie Huttner
Dedicated to inspiring all learners to become active creators of knowledge both in the physical and virtual environment through a constructivist based approach to learning, Karie Huttner is a K-5 technology coordinator at two schools in the Verona Area School District in Wisconsin. Ms. Huttner holds two Masters Degrees, one in Spanish Language and Culture from the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain and the second in Educational Technology from Wilkes, PA. With more than 17 years of experience in the educational setting with a focus on technology integration and second language acquisition, Ms. Huttner continues to learn with her students new technologies that help transform learning.

Robert Kalman
Robert Kalman is a MS computer technology teacher from northern New Jersey, the Pixel Press educator in residence, and an avid edtech presenter. He has experience integrating iPads & PC’s in a 1:1 device environment, and loves working with both students and teachers to utilize engaging and powerful technologies. Robert will soon obtain his Master of Arts in Education from Georgian Court University, after completing his thesis on the impact of innovative learning spaces on students. Please connect with Robert on Twitter @robert_kalman.

Matthew Farber
Matthew Farber, Ed.D. is a social studies teacher at Valleyview Middle School in Denville, NJ. He is also an adjunct instructor, an Edutopia blogger, and cohost on Ed Got Game on the BAM Radio Network. Dr. Farber is a Woodrow Wilson HistoryQuest Fellow, a Certified BrainPOP Educator, a PBS Local Digital Innovator and author of Gamify Your Classroom: A Field Guide to Game-Based Learning

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